Danny Hester Answers: Are Nick Walker & Hunter Labrada Leading Towards A New Golden Era?

Nick Walker & Hunter Labrada Analysis: Danny Hester gives his thoughts on the new school bodybuilders rising in the ranks.

Danny Hester is a Classic Physique Olympia champion and a competitor who has been in bodybuilding for quite some time. With his years of experience, we wanted to know what his thoughts were of the new school bodybuilders rising up in the pro league. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Danny Hester talks about Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada and what they might mean for the future of pro bodybuilding.

Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada are two young bodybuilders that are gaining a lot of attention as they make waves in pro bodybuilding. Walker in particular just won the New York Pro 2021 to much acclaim. That’s why we turned to Danny Hester to get his thoughts on these new school bodybuilders. Is this all just hype? Or are we witnessing up and coming future legends?

Danny Hester is extremely impressed by both Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada. Interestingly enough, he originally thought it would be a bad idea for Hunter to enter the world of competitive bodybuilding. He felt that the effort and sacrifice required would be wasted on an era that wouldn’t favor the Labrada gene pool. Hester admits he was wrong – as the competition appearances of Hunter have truly impressed him.

In fact, Danny Hester believes (or at least hopes) that this is a sign of a new upswing in bodybuilding. Perhaps the new era rising up will be more iconic after nearly a decade of controversial opinions on the current crop of athletes. Hester is hopeful that social media’s influence is finally reaping what was sown over the past decade. A new generation of people who were inspired by icons on social media are now old enough to compete.

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Danny Hester hopes that social media will bring in more talented young bodybuilders. Perhaps athletes like Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada are a product of that very generation. It will be a like a new “boom” of bodybuilders changing the landscape more dramatically than we’ve seen in recent years.

Of course, it’s still early to tell. What is certain is that the past few years have been a transitionary period for the sport. We’ve now had three different Mr. Olympia champions three years in a row. It’s been a while since that has happened compared to seven years straight of domination from Phil Heath.

Eventually, a reigning champion will reveal himself (perhaps it is even Big Ramy). When that happens, the landscape will be very different than it was. New names. New physiques. New icons. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to see who sticks around to become top talent.

You can watch Danny Hester’s full comments on the new school era of bodybuilders in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!