Barbarian Brother David Paul Passes Away

RIP David Paul, one of the famous Barbarian Brothers.

David Paul, who was best known as one half of the famous Barbarian Brothers, has passed away at the age of 62. He reportedly died on March 6, 2020. It was just two days before his birthday.

Reports claim that his death was confirmed by his brother Peter Paul. The cause of his death is not yet known but sources close to David believe he died peacefully in his sleep.

David Paul was born in Hartford, Connecticut on March 8, 1957 and was best known for his role in the 1987 film The Barbarians. He starred alongside his brother Peter and the two of them became forever known as The Barbarian Brothers. David’s other notable appearances include being featured in an episode of Knight Rider and in the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers.

The Barbarian brothers were beloved in the bodybuilding world for their larger than life personalities, incredible physiques, and cult status in movies in film. They were regulars at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Often referred to as The Mecca of bodybuilding.

Gregg Valentino had shared a funny story that captures the essence of David Paul and the Barbarian Brothers in one of our previous episodes of Storytime With Gregg Valentino. You can watch below.

David Paul’s other featured roles: (via Wikipedia)

  • D.C. Cab Buzzy (as David Barbarian) 1983
  • The Flamingo Kid Turk (uncredited) 1984
  • The Barbarians Gore 1987
  • The Road Raiders Black 1989
  • Think Big Victor 1989
  • Ghost Writer Marco 1989
  • Double Trouble David Jade 1992
  • Natural Born Killers Norman Hun (scenes deleted) 1994
  • Twin Sitters David Falcone 1994
  • Souled Out Ace Stevens 2005
  • Faith Street Corner Tavern Himself 2013

The Generation Iron Fitness Network send our condolences to David’s family and friends in this difficult time.

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