A new day and a new year for Gaspari Nutrition.

GASPARI: THE NEW ERA – is a reality docu-series brining you into the life and mind of Rich Gaspari as he rebrands and rebuilds his supplement company into the new age. Chronicling a full year into the struggle and triumphs of Rich and his team, Gaspari: The New Era showcases what it really takes to not only be a legendary bodybuilder… but a legendary entrepreneur in the bodybuilding industry. New episodes every Wednesday!

What does it take to not only be a legend? To leave a legend behind? And what happens when the beaming icon of your legacy comes dangerously close to disappearing forever? That’s the challenge that Rich Gaspari had to face in 2014 when his supplement company, Gaspari Nutrition, filed for bankruptcy. A legendary bodybuilder in his own right – Rich retired from bodybuilding and went on to create one of the most successful supplement brands in the market. Could it really all come to a sudden end?

Fast forward to 2017 – and Gaspari Nutrition has brand new legs and a shot at redemption. With plans to rebuild and re-introduce classic and new products and a complete brand overhaul, Rich Gaspari is working overtime to balance training, family, and work in order to maintain his legacy and keep moving forward. In the premiere episode of Gaspari: The New Era, meet the team and get the first ever look into the mind and life of Rich Gaspari.

Rich has called himself the “Rocky Balboa of Bodybuilding” – and 2017 is the year he comes back to being a champion. Watch the premiere episode above!