Should more changes be made to the Classic Physique division?

The supposed goal of Classic Physique is to display bodies that hearken back to the so-called ‘Golden Era’ of bodybuilding, of which Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most iconic figure.

However, many fans are dissatisfied with the results. Currently, a way of controlling the bodies is by weight according to height. Some have suggested that raising the weight limits would help encourage the desired physiques.

Many say that the problem is not weight, it’s the standard of modern proportions. This is a much more difficult obstacle to tackle. It’s the question of trying to derive an objective standard, the standard of bodybuilding competition, from a subjective source, opinions on aesthetics. For example, Arnold had relatively undeveloped legs. To many observers, that represents a weakness in his physique – but some prefer it and the visual effect it created in conjunction with his slim waist and enormous shoulder girdle.

Modern bodybuilding as a practice is also quite different than the bodybuilding of old. Higher doses, different frames, and overall more muscular physiques change the competition seriously.

There is a strong argument to be made that proportionality aesthetics are the real issue, not weight.

Still though, this doesn’t mean that the division wouldn’t benefit from a raise in weight class. Arnold, for instance, was 6’2 which would put him at a weight cap of 237 pounds, which is less than his normal sage weight of 245.

So when the face of Classic Physique wouldn’t fit in the division, there seems to be an obvious problem.

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