Decline Crunch (Abs) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Abdominal

Equipment needed: Decline Bench


1. Lie on your back with your legs secured at the end of the decline bench.

2. Keep your hands at the sides or back of your head.

3. As you exhale, roll your shoulders off the bench and lift your upper back, so it is 4-5 inches off the surface.

4. Pause and contract your abdominals at the top of the movement for a couple of seconds.

5. Return to the starting position while you breathe in.

6. Perform the exercise with a full range of motion and don’t cheat yourself by using momentum.

Variations/How To

Add Resistance

You can add resistance and make the decline crunches harder by holding a weight plate or a dumbbell against your chest. Performing the exercise with a slow and controlled movement will give you a better pump.

Alternate Exercises for Decline Crunch



Ab Crunch Machine

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