Dennis James thinks there is a clear cut way to improve the quality of pro bodybuilding physiques.

In a previous GI Exclusive video, Dennis James talked about why he thought Big Ramy had so much trouble with his conditioning. But the reality is that many people think conditioning is a big problem in pro bodybuilding across the board today. The debate comparing modern bodybuilding to past eras continues to rage back and forth. Dennis James seems agree that the physiques today could be better. He also thinks there’s a straightforward solution to start fixing it. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dennis James explains how the judges can help fix the future of pro bodybuilding conditioning.

As bodybuilding grows, so too does science and health industries. This of course changes the way we look at fitness, drug supplementation, and dieting. Of course, that means that the way bodybuilders prepare for competitions changes as well. With so many vast improvements in medicine and science – theoretically bodybuilders should be looking better than any previous era before it. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

While not a guaranteed truth – many fans, athletes, and experts in bodybuilding believe that the physiques have declined since eras past. It’s a conflict that is debated constantly in the sport. While nostalgia and mythologizing the past certainly plays a role in these sentiments – it certainly seems like this era is being criticized stronger than others.

Dennis James agrees that physiques have declined over the years. He also thinks there’s a clear cut solution to fix it. The judges need to start changing the way they award bodybuilders. James admits that the judges aren’t entirely at fault. They can only score the kind of physiques that are presented in front of them. But even if they aren’t originally at fault, they can help push for change more easily than simply waiting for the right athlete to turn the tide.

Dennis James believes that if the judges put together an official statement claiming that they would be rewarding conditioning over size – it would kick start athletes to change the way they prepare. Then the judges actually have to follow through and award someone like, let’s say, Dexter Jackson over a bigger sized mass monster. The combination of an official statement and a change in the nuances of judging competitions could lead to major shifts in the kinds of physiques we see on stage.

Dennis James also touches on a few more topics when it comes to the evolution of medicine science and how it effects bodybuilding. He debates with Vlad Yudin about the recent string of young deaths in the sport. James claims that while these deaths are tragic, it’s not due to some underlying drug abuse problem in bodybuilding. People sadly die young all across the world, statistically young bodybuilders would be affected by this for any wide number of reasons. Not just because of steroids or other PEDs.

Dennis also talks about natural bodybuilding and whether or not a natural bodybuilder can compete with enhanced athletes on the pro stage. He uses Robert Timms as an example of someone who qualified for the Olympia while competing all natural. So it certainly is possible – though very unlikely to ever lead to a full on Olympia champion.

You can check out Dennis James’ full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview above!

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