Dennis James Starts GoFundMe for Flex Wheeler for Astronomical Medical Bills

Dennis James sets up GoFundMe for long-time friend Flex Wheeler.

One of the true legends of bodybuilding, Flex Wheeler recently underwent surgery to partially amputate his right leg. It was truly a shock for the bodybuilding community to learn of the harrowing news befalling one of the most recognizable figures in the sport’s history.

But it appears that the trials of Flex Wheeler aren’t over quit yet. After undergoing surgery, Flex Wheeler has been hit with some pretty hefty medical bills.

According to a recent GoFundMe campaign set up by Flex Wheeler’s friend and fellow veteran bodybuilder Dennis James, the medical bill for surgery is an astounding $120,000.

Dennis James wrote the below message on the GoFundMe page addressing the issue of his friend’s astronomical medical bills.

“Hey everyone, I’m reaching out to you today for your help and support for a close friend and industry legend.

As many of you know, Flex Wheeler recently underwent surgery to amputate his lower leg.
After nearly a year and multiple surgeries attempting to save his leg from recurring blood clots caused by a deterioration of a 15 year old vein graft from kidney surgery, there was nothing else that could be done.

Between the surgeries and lengthy hospital stays, Flex has been unable to travel for work these past many months and is now faced with insurmountable medical bills.

In an effort to help Flex through this difficult time, I have started a go-fund me account and it is my hope that together we can help Flex through his rehabilitation and look forward to seeing him again when he resumes his travels.”

Medical bills like these have crushed many American families with a tremendous amount of debt and it appears that even legendary bodybuilders are faced with the same struggles. Please head over to the GoFundMe page and contribute what you can for the legendary Flex Wheeler.

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