Flex Wheeler Posts Emotional Video Taken Prior to Leg Amputation Surgery

Flex Wheeler posts emotional video prior to surgery.

Flex Wheeler, one of the legends of bodybuilding, has gone through a pretty harrowing moment recently. When news broke that the legend would be undergoing partial leg amputation surgery the bodybuilding was left in a state of shock.

No one could have guessed Flex Wheeler was going through such a devastating moment. While it has been documented that the bodybuilding legend had been dealing with health issues, largely due to kidney issues, throughout his career, many never imagined that things would lead to this.

Flex Wheeler’s health issues have led the veteran bodybuilder to undergo a kidney transplant. However, due to complications with the transplant, the legend would have to go onto amputate his leg in order to save his life.

Despite all the devastating emotions of having to deal with such a massive surgery, Flex Wheeler has gone out of his way to address the masses with a video taken prior to the leg amputation.

In the video Flex Wheeler expresses both his fear and his hopes for the future after surgery. It’s a truly powerful video and gives you a window into the mind of a true fighter who isn’t afraid to be human in such a stressful moment.


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