Despite Bicep Tear, Antoine Vaillant is Proving He’s Still a Beast at 301 Lbs!

Antoine Vaillant is training around his injuries and is still a beast at 301 Lbs!

Bodybuilding is all about pushing your physique to the limit in order to bring about some radical physical change. Transforming your physique into a picture of strength and power isn’t a simple task. It takes a ton of hours in the gym to bring about that radical change and become something more.

Unfortunately, hard training can sometimes lead to unavoidable injuries that are hard to recover from. It’s a fact Antoine Vaillant had to learn the hard way.

During his preparation for the Toronto Pro, Antoine Vaillant tore his bicep, a very nasty and potentially career ending injury. The occurrence delayed Antoine Vaillant’s progress, but it derail it completely. The Canadian bodybuilder is still pushing himself hard in the gym, training around his injury in hopes of further developing his already impressive physique.

Take a look at the post below featuring the now 301 Lbs Antoine Vaillant posing like a true professional.

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