Dexter Jackson: “I’ve Never Seen a Powerlifter in this Type of Shape”

Dexter Jackson has never seen a powerlifter with this kind of physique before.

If there’s anyone who knows about building an impressive physique then it’s former Olympia champion Dexter Jackson. There’s a reason he was given the nickname ‘The Blade’ after all and it’s because whether it’s in the off season or during the biggest shows of the year, Dexter Jackson always had a sharp and shredded physique. But as his time on top slowly comes to an end, it has allowed the veteran bodybuilder to reflect on the things he’s seen in his past as well as the up and coming talent of the future.

Enter Larry Wheels.

While he may not be tearing things up in the IFBB, Larry Wheels has proven his mettle as an amazing powerlifter, one of the youngest and strongest on the circuit today. With his plans on becoming the World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder, Larry Wheels is constantly pushing himself in the gym to build not only an impressive physique, but some massive strength as well.

With NPC Nationals fast approaching, Larry Wheels is dialing in his physique, one that Dexter Jackson is ultra impressed by.


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I’m going on record today saying this dude @larrywheels is going to be the strongest man in the world one day!! He’s a power lifter/bodybuilder. The reason i say that is because I’ve never seen a power lifter in this type shape or a physique like his.. He’s getting ready for NPC Nationals in 6 weeks and lemme tell you.. seeing him lift live is just mind boggling!! If you don’t believe me.. go to his page @larrywheels and check out some of his lifts. Oh and get this.. He’s only 23 years old!! Smh! Good luck lil brother and may God continue to bless you!! #dex #dexter #dexterjackson #dexterjacksonclassic #dexterjacksonproductions #mro #mrolympia #mrolympia08 #blade #built #builtbyblade

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