Dexter Jackson thinks he’s beaten better physiques in past Olympias than all the competitors at Olympia 2019.

The Olympia 2019 press conference is well underway kicking up the energy for the Olympia weekend into high gear. The press conference is usually a time when the trash talk flies as it will be the last time all competitors are together before battling on stage. While things started off pretty tame by past press conference standards – Dexter Jackson turned up the heat answering one simple question.

When asked by Bob Cicherillo if Dexter thought he would be able to win the Mr. Olympia this year – Dexter confidently claimed that in past years he has beaten better guys than anyone competing this weekend. He follows it up by saying that he’s not trying to be cocky, it’s just the truth.

Well truth or not, Dexter’s words are certainly inflammatory enough to get the other competitors riled up. Perhaps it will be more than enough to give them one more reason to try and defeat Dexter and become the new Olympia 2019 champion. Only time will tell – and luckily we only have to wait one more day before seeing these giants on the pre-judging stage Friday night.

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