Dexter Jackson’s Physique is Looking Absolutely Massive

Former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson’s rippling physique was making waves on Instagram this morning.

Dexter Jackson shared this video with fans on Thursday morning, sharing updates about his training routine and fitness progress:

“Slowly getting back in the groove.. feeling good and healthy,” Dexter Jackson shared with fans. The update followed a long period of inactivity from him, presumably due to the regular wear and tear of bodybuilding since no injuries were announced. At 50, Jackson’s in great shape for any athlete, and he easily retains the physical features of a former Mr. Olympia. Serious doubt has been cast on his ability to return to the stage at that advanced age, although Shawn Rhoden’s recent victory at 44 proved older athletes still have a shot at the title.

Jackson finished fourth at the Olympia 2019, but has nevertheless expressed interest in competing again at the Olympia 2020 tournament. Jackson was the Olympia champion in 2008. His first time placing on the Olympia stage was in the 2007 Olympia, where he achieved third place.

Jackson was born in Jacksonville, Florida on November 25, 1969. His NPC debut was in 1992 when he was just 23 years old. In 2007, after Jackson placed third at that year’s competition, critics remarked that he was unlikely to place higher because he lacked the conditioning. However, Jackson went on to defy the odds and defeated Jay Cutler in 2008 to seize the number one spot.

Jackson is 5’6 and weighs 215 pounds during the on-season, putting him at a smaller height amongst an already fairly short (on average) group of people. However, he’s well-respected among the community for his conditioning and well-defined abdomen. It’s inspiring to see him show his fans around the world that fitness is a lifelong journey, one that should never be abandoned, even at 50.

Jackson also mentioned in his post that taking time off has been beneficial to him as an athlete. This is an important thing for all aspiring bodybuilders to learn: the importance of giving your body the time and attention it needs to heal itself. A lot of bodybuilders end up giving themselves career-ending injuries when they push themselves too hard. Injuries to the kneecaps, ankles, or ACL can all be career-ending injuries if severe enough. That’s why it was so responsible of Jackson to advocate for athletes to take time to listen to their bodies and rest when they feel its time. It’s especially worth considering since many bodybuilders, Olympia pro or no, regularly use performance-enhancing drugs that are very hard on the body and can lead to serious health problems or even death. We applaud Dexter Jackson for taking the time to lead by example and for being a living legend of the sport!



  1. 5 foot 6 inches, NO WAY, I saw him at Golds Venice, i am 6ft, and i stood next to him, he is at least 5 ft 9 inches tall !

  2. Hmmm I find this interesting this says he’s ” Absolutely Massive” ! He doesn’t look any different than he normally does…..I doubt he’s any bigger than he has always been. Unless you see something I don’t???
    Look like the very same Dexter as always..Its not like his weight is up to 290-lbs and he’s HUGE… not at all.
    Sorry Dex I still like you, some people love to report fake news.

  3. 90% of bodybuilders are rather dwarfish. Well under average height of 5’9″. Very few monsters like Ramy, Wolf and Ruhl with heights of 5’10” or more. Taller bodybuilders can rarely develop the thickness the shorties do. Priest and Winklaar typify the thicker built short physiques. Jackson at 5’6″ is about average. I’ve met Phil Heath and although it’s claimed he’s 5’9″…I doubt it as I’m that height and I’m above his eye level.

  4. Earlier it was the legend Albert beckles who proved the world that serious and inteligent bodybuilders are like old wine as their muscles mature with time to the best.
    Even in his sixtees Beckles was making waves.

    His legacy is now taken by Dexter Jackson. His size and condition for his age is unbelievable. Salute to him.
    However like most of the current champs Jackson also lost his once out of the world abs beauty.. Its obvious that in his quest for more size to fight with today’s muscle monsters Jackson also took the familior path of over loading his system with loads of stetoids and GH. The result is now showing on his abs. He too have the bubble guts and fighting on stage to control them every single minute. Juis back muscles is another area which lacks the extreme density and outstanding expression of cluster of muscles like A
    a Phill heath. If Phill competes again in his best condition It will be very difficult for Dexter to beat him. Yet i wish Dexter to win the coveted title once more. He deserves it for his ever improving physique and consistency.
    Hail the champ.


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