Dorian Yates: “A World Without Steroids Would be Great”

One of the true greats of bodybuilding, Dorian Yates has never shied away from the topic of steroid use. The former Olympia champion has gone on record about his own steroid use and how bodybuilding wouldn’t be the same without it.

Dorian Yates was the most dominant champion during his era, yet if you ask the all time great, he’ll tell you that steroids had nothing to do with it. While steroids may help with recovery and therefore increased muscle growth, it can’t make you train harder. Dorian Yates had the mindset of a champion and that’s exactly what took him to the top.

That said, Dorian Yates has admitted in a recent interview that a world without steroids wouldn’t be the worst thing. Take a look at the interview with London Real as Dorian Yates gives his opinion on a world without steroids.

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