Dorian Yates and friends describe the environment of Temple Gym.

Watch the new exclusive clip from Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster – available now on all major digital platforms! Order your digital copy today right here. In this clip, Dorian Yates, friends, and other legendary bodybuilders describe the hardcore dungeon that was Temple Gym.

Temple Gym was the home away from home for Dorian Yates – and fittingly the gym carried the same gritty hardcore energy that Dorian was famous for in his training style and physique. While the original location of Temple Gym no longer exists – it’s reputation has vibrated throughout the halls of bodybuilding history and is still talked about today alongside other famous gyms such as Gold’s Gym, the East Coast Mecca, and Metroflex.

In this clip, Dorian returns to the alleyway that held the original Temple Gym and reflects on his time training there during his prime. Alongside other interviews with bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler and Chris Cormier; old friends and training partners; and his family – this oral account of what it was like to train in Temple Gym is the closest you can get to reliving the gritty glory of this iconic location.

Much like Birmingham and his childhood as a whole, Temple Gym was an environment that helped shape Dorian Yates to become the focused, hard working, and incredibly hardcore bodybuilder that fought his way to six Mr. Olympia victories. Check out the exclusive clip above!

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Dorian Yates The Original Mass Monster

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