New trailer explores Dorian Yates going off the deep end after a legendary bodybuilding career and finding his true self.

With just under two weeks before the release of Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster – we have released a brand new trailer diving deeper into the late stage of Dorian Yates’ career and the dark spiral he took after retiring due to injuries. Available November 15th – you can pre-order the film today on DVD and digital right here.

Dorian Yates very well may have transformed bodybuilding forever. He brought in an incredible size and conditioning that was then unseen by the human body and inspired generation after generation to try and top the massive size that Dorian brought to the stage. It changed what was possible in bodybuilding physiques – to the point where today we have a separate division, Classic Physique, to separate the classic look before Dorian with the mass monster look in today’s Men’s Open division.

But while most know the story of Dorian Yates the legendary 6x Mr. Olympia champion – less may know the story of what happened afterwards. Retired due to extensive injuries that made a future career in bodybuilding too dangerous for his health, Dorian spiraled off the deep end into a world of partying, drinking, drugs, and completely lost himself after going cold turkey and stopping steroids completely.

After years of bodybuilding being the number one thing in his life – without it he suddenly was a man who didn’t truly know himself and had to pick himself up out of the dark spiraling path he was on to try and find himself. A journey that takes him all the way to Costa Rica to explore the world of his subconscious through ayahuasca and elevating his level of thought.

In just two weeks – the world will be able to see the most comprehensive exploration of this journey from young hungry bodybuilder, to Mr. Olympia champion, and finally to a retired man looking to find purpose. Get a preview today by watching the second official trailer above.

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster will be available on DVD and digital November 15, 2019. You can pre-order on both DVD and digital today by clicking here or the banner below.

Dorian Yates The Original Mass Monster Pre-Order

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