Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, debates Tony Huge about the future advances that steroids might be able to make.

With each passing year, we enter a world of more and more convenience. With everything becoming digital or instant or both – it can be easy to forget just how much more challenging things used to be in centuries past. Tony Huge has stated in the past that he believes this kind of convenience will eventually come into fitness. He thinks that steroids will one day be developed that can build a muscular physique with little to no training required. Is that truly possible? We brought on Dr. Thomas O’Connor to brings some perspective on this idea. In our latest episode of GI Debate, Dr. Thomas O’Connor and Tony Huge debate the future impact steroids migh have on bodybuilding and fitness.

While Dr. Thomas O’Connor and Tony Huge disagree on the fundamental risk/reward of steroids – they surprisingly find middle ground in the reality of steroid use. Dr. O’Connor has always tried to be a doctor that bridged the gap between pretentious medical perspectives and the passionate drive of athletes. Dr. O’Connor himself was an athlete once, he had previously used steroids, he understands that this desire for greatness will always lead to drug use.

However, Dr. Thomas O’Connor ultimately feels like the long term health risks are too severe to be worth it. He’s older now, much more studied in the medical field, and can’t in good conscience ever recommend steroids for any athlete. Ultimately, this doesn’t change reality. He knows people will use it. So he tries his best to use his platform to educate and spread as much information about these substances as possible.

But if athletes and many other individuals will always find a way to use steroids and other PEDs – what will the future look like as these drugs evolve? Tony Huge has stated in the past that he thinks the future will be one where steroids can give you the strength or physique you want without having to train at all. But is that a real possibility?

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Will the future of steroids remove the need to workout?

During the debate, Tony Huge clarifies his past statements. He does believe that steroids will one day remove the need to workout – but he thinks this will take many hundred years. He points out that, while a passionate minority of people genuinely love training, most individuals only train because they must for health or to achieve a certain physique.

So in the future, when there is a drug that can remove the need to workout, most people will abandon it entirely. We already see this in today’s world. The amount of grifts that try to sell you on a tool or product that will make you look beautiful without the work. As we get more conveniences as a society, we will demand less and less work to be happy.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor does agree with this. He also believes that the future of steroids can lead to one where training is hardly ever needed. That is certainly far off – but he knows of scientific studies that point towards a future where we can alter almost every aspect of our body.

Dr. O’Connor does warn that there is a cost to this. As we have seen wit the rise of digital communication, neurosis begin to develop as things become more convenient. As we become more able to socialize without being in person. Dr. O’Connor thinks this same wave of psychological issues will arise once fitness becomes an aesthetic choice more than a lifestyle.

The entire section of this debate sounds more like science fiction than reality. But just like self-driving cars – most science fiction points towards a possible future. Here we are today with Teslas that park themselves and drive on the highway without guidance. Anything is possible.

Wrap Up

As the final chapter of this debate comes to a close, both Dr. Thomas O’Connor and Tony Huge answer one final question – what is one thing they respect about each other? Over the course of these three episodes, these two individuals had found some common ground. In the end, they both appreciate the fact that they are able to converse publicly about these concepts. Just only 10 years ago, a public forum to discuss steroid was hardly possible.

You can watch Dr. O’Connor and Tony Huge’s final debate in our latest and final episode of GI Debate above.

Jacob Ladon
Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.