Tony Huge believes that a vegan diet handled incorrectly can be more dangerous than steroids handled incorrectly.

With the upcoming release of our sequel documentary, Enhanced 2 The Max, on January 31 – Vlad Yudin sat down with Tony Huge over Skype to talk about the film and also current trends in bodybuilding. In our first GI Exclusive clip from this interview, Tony Huge talks about the current vegan diet trend in bodybuilding.

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Tony Huge is seen as a dangerous figure by many due to his underground experiments and using his large internet platform to educate people about illegal performance enhancing drugs. But from Tony’s perspective – he’s a revolutionary ahead of his time. When we asked Tony about the recent trend of vegan diets in bodybuilding, he used it as an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of villainizing steroids compared to other potentially dangerous fitness methods.

Right off the bat, Tony Huge doesn’t think being a vegan bodybuilder can work, or at least not on a pro competitive level. He also points out that just being vegan doesn’t mean you are automatically healthy. If you don’t plan your vegan diet the right way to get all the nutrients you need – it can be an unhealthy diet. Tony goes on to explain this is true for all diets. They depend on the person’s genetics and body and need to be adjusted accordingly to ensure the diet is right for the individual.

Tony further explains that this also holds true for many things in fitness and in life. If you abuse any sort of diet, supplement, or drug it will become dangerous. This even holds true for steroids and other illegal PEDs in the United States. Tony believes that steroids are actually healthier than vegan diets – especially when done correctly.

This is the core believe behind Tony Huge’s entire life goal. To prove to the world that certain drugs have been made taboo because of corporate interest rather than actual truth about what these drugs do. He believes that the potential of humanity can be vastly improved if we were allowed to further study, learn, and correctly use drugs like steroids and other PEDs.

It might sound crazy to compare a vegan diet to steroids and even crazier to say that steroids are more healthy than a vegan diet. But to Tony Huge, that is part of the problem. It’s part of the brainwashing of consumers by governments and corporations. Is he correct or simply a madman? That’s something you’ll need to decide after watching the GI Exclusive interview clip above!

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Note: Generation Iron does not indorse or promote the illegal use of drugs. This video is purely for informational purposes only.

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