Inside look at the New York Pro 2018 and Steve’s breakdown of the top athletes.

EAST COAST MECCA: SEASON 3 – Generation Iron returns to the beast coast with an inside look at the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym one week before the New York Pro 2018. Known as the East Coast Mecca of bodybuilding, Bev Francis’ gym attracts today’s most elite athletes. Featuring superstars and up and comers such as Regan Grimes, Nathan De Asha, Arash Rahbar, Rich Gaspari, and many more! New episodes air every Thursday!

It’s all been building up to this. The east coast’s biggest athletes have been training and visiting the East Coast Mecca in the final week leading up to the New York Pro 2018. In our penultimate episode of East Coast Mecca season 3, we take an inside look at Nathan De Asha, Regan Grimes, and many more of the top pros as they compete in the East Coast’s biggest bodybuilding competition of the year.

Afterwards, Rich Gaspari meets up with Steve Weinberger one week past the competition to discuss how well each of the athletes did – with Steve giving his analysis as to why each competitor placed where they did. Check this out and more in an action packed episode of East Coast Mecca above!