Eddie Hall Bench Presses Two Grown Men For Reps

Eddie Hall is a beast.

Bodybuilding is all about pushing your body to it’s limits in order to make some quality gains. Once you start down the path of building more muscle it becomes an addiction. Seeing results is always going to bolster your forward momentum. Strongman lifts is very similar in the way that the endeavor can become an addiction. Unlike bodybuilding that obvious focuses on building tremendous muscle, strongman lifts are all about building functional strength.

When you become an advanced strongman you’ll find that performing the usual lifts become somewhat boring. When this happens the usual method would be to simply to add more weight to the bar in order to continue to build on your strength and possibly set personal records. But even then, lifting should be something that’s fun at times. You can’t be all business all the time or you’ll risk burning yourself out. Sometimes you have to get creative in order to keep your interest peaked. That’s exactly what Eddie Hall is doing with his lifts. A world renowned strongman who has set records and pushed himself to the limit with his lifts, Eddie Hall is a man who is always pushing the limits of human potential. While he hasn’t won the World’s Strongest Man competition yet, Eddie Hall is always striving to become stronger to achieve that goal. But that doesn’t mean he can’t try some new and funky movements in the gym to keep things fresh. Check out the Instagram video below of Eddie Hall bench pressing his two buddies in the gym.

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