‘Enhanced 2 The Max’ Debuts Top 5 Documentary In The US

Enhanced 2 The Max is available now – and is already in the top 5 documentaries on the iTunes US charts.

Enhanced 2 The Max is now available on all major digital platforms – and the much anticipated controversial documentary sequel is already making waves in the charts. It’s already debuted in the top 5 on iTunes’ documentary charts in the United States.

Enhanced 2 The Max iTunes Top 5Bodybuilder and entrepreneur Anthony Hughes, also known as Dr. Tony Huge, is a man on a mission to further human evolution through performance enhancing drugs that are labeled as dangerous and illegal in the United States.

Unsatisfied with the limitations of certified studies, Tony performs underground experiments, often on himself, in an effort to change the way the world looks at steroids and other PEDs. His methods have been labeled as dangerous and criminal by the mass populous and the government.

Following Tony Huge’s introduction to the national stage via the original Enhanced film, Tony was put under harsh criticism by the medical community and many fans in the bodybuilding world. Were his methods dangerous? Was he spreading misinformation? Is he hurting innocent people?

Enhanced 2 The Max chronicles Tony’s attempt to vindicate himself and his methods as he conducts a new set of experiments on five volunteer subjects. The goal? To put on over 20 pounds of lean muscle in thirty days. Will his tests prove him a genius? Or a mad scientist?

Don’t miss out on the first big bodybuilding event of the new year and catch Enhanced 2 The Max now while it’s rising in the charts! There’s still a whole month before we kickstart the bodybuilding season with the Arnold Classic. This film is the perfect way to get amped up before the bodybuilding world fires up into full gear.

Enhanced 2 The Max is available now on all major digital platforms. You can order your digital copy today by clicking here or the banner below.

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