Enhanced Labs Protein-Tech Review

This protein is whey-free and uses bone broth as its main source.

Product Overview

Protein supplements are essential when it comes to seeing huge growth and gains and optimal recovery. While whey protein seems to be the most popular protein supplement for athletes to take, Enhanced Labs has created a revolutionary protein powder to seriously enhance your training and performance. Protein-Tech is whey free and works as a great protein alternative derived from bone broth.

Protein is essential for building muscle since it contains vital amino acids, both essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. BCAAs will work to stimulate protein synthesis while EAAs actually work to build that muscle. With benefits towards growth and recovery, protein is a must in your supplementation routine.


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Enhanced Labs are a team of bodybuilders, chemists, and innovators who joined together to disrupt a chaotic industry by doing absolutely whatever it takes to come out with the most effective hardcore supplements line on the market. By always staying on the cutting-edge advancements in technology and chemistry, Enhanced Labs gives their customers the continuous edge they desire most.

Protein-Tech Highlights

Enhanced Labs is proud to introduce its newest addition to the lineup: the long awaited protein product. But this isn’t just any old protein product. Common feedback from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders is that they are sick whey protein. That they consume too much of it and that it upsets their stomachs and causes digestive issues. This smart protein supplement is whey-free. That means no dairy issues, no digestive issues, the smartest protein on the market. One that not only gives you a protein spike for muscle growth, but also digestive assistance and bone/joint support!

Protein-Tech is a grass-fed bovine bone broth protein that is free of GMOs, soy, dairy and artificial ingredients. Each 24.77g scoop provides 20g of protein with zero carbohydrates and zero fat!

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Grass-Fed Bovine Bone Broth Hydrolyzed Protein

Bone broth protein provides the most effective full spectrum collagen source in the form of a convenient nutritional powder. It begins as a true bone broth liquid that is then dehydrated and microfiltered, turning it into a concentrated, high-quality protein powder that is free of carbohydrates and fat.

Protein-Tech provides 20 grams of full spectrum collagen protein. Protein-Tech fortifies the structure and function of the body, promoting the development of lean muscle tissue, bones, ligaments, skin, nails, hair, and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Bone Broth Protein?

  • Soft Tissue Repair– Ingestion of bone broth can speed the healing of soft-tissue injuries in athletes (1).
  • Digestive Health– Bone broth protein has been shown to aid in the promotion of digestive health.
  • Reduced Inflammation– Laboratory tests of bone broth reported activity of neutrophils—white blood cells that are the “first responders” of inflammation (2).

Organic Inulin

Prebiotics are foods that act as food for human microflora. They increase populations of healthy bacteria, aid digestion, and enhance the production of valuable vitamins.

Protein-Tech is fortified with organic inulin, a natural prebiotic derived from chicory root. Inulin supplementation has been shown to improve digestive health, relieve constipation, and promote fat loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Prebiotics?

  • Improved Digestive Health– The gut microbiota is the population of bacteria and other microbes that live in the gut. Having the right balance of bacteria is essential for keeping the gut healthy. Inulin can help promote this balance (3).
  • Relieves constipation – Taking inulin can cause more frequent bowel movements and improved stool consistency (4). Adults who consumed 15g of inulin per day reported less constipation and better digestion (5).
  • Promotes Fat Loss– Inulin can also help with fat loss (6). Also, moderate intensity exercise training combined with inulin supplementation increased whole body resting fat oxidation (7).

Other Ingredients: Natural French Vanilla flavor, sunflower lecithin, stevia extract


Price, Flavors & Effectiveness

Enhanced Labs Protein-Tech delivers a solid amount of protein while also providing a natural prebiotic derived from chicory root. With 20 servings per container, this protein is a new technology worth trying and comes in a great tasting vanilla flavor.

Pros: Zero carbs and fat and plenty of protein. Natural prebiotic derived from chicory root. Great flavor and from a reputable company in Enhanced Labs.

Cons: Wish it had a little more BCAAs.

Price: $26.99

Featured Athlete

Cane Bishop

Cane Bishop is an IFBB pro bodybuilder who uses Enhanced Protein-Tech to power his workouts and recovery. As someone who knows what it takes to keep their body primed and ready to go for whatever comes next, Bishop relies on products like Protein-Tech to really ramp him up to the next level. Clean ingredients and a well thought out formula are what drives Bishop to be great and stay healthy overall and Enhanced has him covered.

Wrap Up

Protein-Tech provides 20 grams of full spectrum collagen protein with zero carbohydrates and zero fat. Protein-Tech is fortified with organic inulin, a natural prebiotic derived from chicory root. Protein-Tech is a convenient nutritional powder that can be added to coffee, milk, smoothies, or used for baking! Enhanced Labs never did come out with a whey protein. You can say they skipped a step and instead created a zero carb, zero whey protein tech, that is perfect in addition to or as a replacement for your current protein regimen. What you are really getting is an innovative and top tier product from a reputable company with loads of benefits.

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