Series Premiere: Fred Biggie Smalls bringing greatness to posing in bodybuilding.

THE FRED BIGGIE SMALLS SHOW – is a docu-series revealing the life of bodybuilder Fred Smalls both on and off the stage; in and out of the gym. Known for infusing dance into his bodybuilding posing, Fred looks to change the way bodybuilding can entertain audiences. This is the story of how and why he got to this point. The Fred Biggie Smalls Show airs every Tuesday.

Fred Biggie Smalls is a professional bodybuilder who almost always cracks into the top 15 at major bodybuilding competitions. His goal to move past that and break into the top 5 and one day become a world class champion. But his goals go even further beyond that. He also aims to bring a new level of entertainment into the art of bodybuilding posing routines. By infusing dance into his poses – Fred Biggie Smalls is known by many to be one of the most electrifying posers in the bodybuilding industry.

But how did Fred get to this point? How did be he become this kind of unique bodybuilder in a sport full of so much muscle? In this premiere episode of The Fred Biggie Smalls Show, we explore the origins of Fred and how he found bodybuilding… and exactly why dance became such a big part of his bodybuilding persona and routine. Watch the full episode above!