Becoming one of the strongest bodybuilders isn’t necessary for bodybuilding… but it makes Akim unique.

I AM A BODYBUILDER – is a new original digital series exploring what it truly means to call yourself a bodybuilding. The premiere season starring Akim Williams follows every aspect of his life in and out of the gym. More than a word. More than a career. This is the mind, passion, and life of being a bodybuilder. New episodes air every Monday.

Akim Williams is not only a fast rising star in the bodybuilding industry – he is also known as one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing on stage. This isn’t necessary important for competing – but it does make him stand out and speaks to how passionate he is about lifting culture in general. In Episode 2 of I Am A Bodybuilder – Akim takes us through his journey towards becoming one of the strongest bodybuilders and why he finds it important to lift as much heavy weight as possible.

He also talks about balancing his personal life with his girlfriend and how having a bodybuilder girlfriend helps motivate and inspire his career and life. Check it all out in the episode above!

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