Season finale: Akim Williams’ epic guest posing and his future mindset.

I AM A BODYBUILDER – is a new original digital series exploring what it truly means to call yourself a bodybuilding. The premiere season starring Akim Williams follows every aspect of his life in and out of the gym. More than a word. More than a career. This is the mind, passion, and life of being a bodybuilder. New episodes air every Monday.

Akim Williams may be the one of the strongest bodybuilders currently competing – but he still has a challenging journey in front of him towards becoming a Mr. Olympia champion. On the night of a guest posing at the New Jersey State Open Championships – Akim reflects on how he got to where he is today and looks towards the future.

No one is given anything in this sport. Akim has already learned that through his early years of competing. But can he take that and boost his mentality to a true champion mindset? Will he be able to push his mind and his body farther than any other athlete currently competing? Akim believes so and he wants to make sure his next move is carefully planned and executed. He will surely compete in 2018 – but it’s just a matter of which major competition in which we will see him.

You can watch the season finale of I Am A Bodybuilder: Aki Williams above!

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