Guest host Paige Hathaway talks women in a male dominated industry, Instagram sexual harassment, and controversy in bodybuilding.

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

Guest host Paige Hathaway joins Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea in the latest episode of The Breakdown. This week we go deep into where the line is drawn when high profile bodybuilders and fitness models carry such public lives. With the internet giving “fans” many ways that they can access bodybuilding celebrities – what happens when comments turn into harassment? And when harassment turns into stalking and potential real world threats.

Paige Hathaway shares a harrowing story showcasing just how dangerous putting your face and body into the public eye can be. In a industry where your physique is constantly judged… your privacy and safety can be threatened.

Which brings us to the other main topic – controversy in bodybuilding. Do rivalries, behind the scenes controversy, and spectacle ultimately help or hurt the sport? Do we want bodybuilding to become more exciting… but at the cost of the purity and sportsmanship of the even itself? Shawn, Tifanny, and Paige weight in.

You can watch the full episode above and make sure to join the debate by leaving your thoughts in the comments below!

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