Rich Gaspari connects with fans and retailers at the ground level.

GASPARI: THE NEW ERA – is a reality docu-series brining you into the life and mind of Rich Gaspari as he rebrands and rebuilds his supplement company into the new age. Chronicling a full year into the struggle and triumphs of Rich and his team, Gaspari: The New Era showcases what it really takes to not only be a legendary bodybuilder… but a legendary entrepreneur in the bodybuilding industry. New episodes every Wednesday!

Everyone starts somewhere. While Rich Gaspari may have already been a bodybuilding legend when he decided to shift gears towards building a supplement business… he still needed to start from the ground up. This is something that Rich has never forgotten and a big part of what separates himself and Gaspari Nutrition from competitors. It’s what makes Gaspari Nutrition a brand that has lasted for 20 years.

To this day, Rich Gaspari makes a point to hit the ground level throughout the year. Not only meeting fans at local events but also directly visiting retailer outlets and athletes. Making a face to face, person to person, human to human interaction – showcasing that these people and this industry is the life blood of his existence. In this episode, Rich heads out to Utah to visit a supplement store, Xpand Nutrition, stationed within a Gold’s Gym. He meets the fans and also the owner to connect about the current state of bodybuilding and new Gaspari Nutrition products. Then he heads to Zogosportz – an online retailer selling Gaspari Nutrition products via Amazon to meet the owner and go over online marketing strategies.

The grind never stops and Rich Gaspari is up to the challenge with his team at his side. Check it out above!