Eric The Trainer pays tribute to fitness legend Jack Lalanne.

Eric The Trainer is a rare sight to behold in the bodybuilding and fitness world. He’s a fusion of celebrity trainer, personal trainer, and social media influencer. Most importantly, he brings a level of optimism and kindness not often seen in the industry – and in recent times – not often seen in the world. Eric credits a big part of this to his mentor and idol, Jack Lalanne – one of the earliest and most legendary fitness icons in history. In our lastest GI Exclusive interview, Eric The Trainer explains how Jack Lalanne inspired him to do 40,000 push ups for charity.

Earlier in the year, we spoke with Chef Rush about his dedication to doing 2,222 push ups every single day. He did it for veteran suicide awareness but the feat is also a shocking display of strength and dicipline. Similarly, Eric The Trainer also commited to an incredible feat of strength for charity. He did 40,000 push ups in a row. It’s a shocking display and one not for the faint of heart.

But the idea to do 40,000 push ups in one go didn’t come out of thin air. In fact, Eric The Trainer was inspired by one of the most legendary fitness icons in history – Jack Lalanne. Born in 1914, Lalanne was an American fitness and nutrition guru and motivational speaker. He was known for bringing fitness to the mainstream and also for his feats of strength.

Eric The Trainer was lucky enough to meet him before Lalanne passed in 2011. The relationship they built helped Eric become the man he is today. One that is not only focused on fitness but also on helping the community around him.

Eric goes into detail about just how far Lalanne’s influence inspired Eric’s entire persona and future in the fitness world. He also talks about the kinds of feats of strength Frank Lalanne was known for doing – such as pulling ships in the ocean from a nearby dock. It was the kind of old school strongman spectacles that are rarely seen today.

It was a combination of Lalanne’s feats of strength mixed with his dedication towards helping people that inspired Eric The Trainer to do 40,000 push ups for charity. It combines two amazing tings – stunt spectacle with doing good for mankind.

Check out Eric The Trainers full comments on Jack Lalanne and the power of optimism in fitness by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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