Evan Centopani Can Offer You 3 Meals For 10 Bucks

You can still eat healthy on the cheap when you’re on the go.

Evan Centopani is a pretty talented bodybuilder with the kind of smarts and genetics that has him placing in the top 10 of any given bodybuilding competition. The man also knows how to shop on a budget and in this video the bodybuilder offers some tips on how to get your three meals in for the day all within a $10 budget. And as many bodybuilders out there know – a grocery list can suddenly become quite expensive when you are trying to hit all the right points for that perfect mass building and shred inducing diet.

So three meals for under $10? That is endorsed by a bodybuilder like Centopani? It sounds too good to be true. But don’t take our ¬†word for it – just check out Evan Centopani’s video below:

Check out more of Evan Centopani’s videos on his official YouTube channel here. And be sure to check out Generation Iron’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel for daily updates.



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