Evan Centopani explains his problem with current trending diets such as keto, carnivor, and vegan.

When it comes to bodybuilding, diet and nutrition is one of the key elements that will make or break a good physique. You can train all you want – but without the right diet it won’t add up to much. So it makes sense that a wide variety of diets try to make claim as the “best” nutritional option in bodybuilding. But are these simply passing trends? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Evan Centopani explains why trend diets can be a problem for bodybuilders looking to sculpt the perfect physique.

Evan Centopani is a bodybuilder that has a great interest in perfecting nutrition. So much so that he publishes regular YouTube videos breaking down details on how to eat right. He even provides cooking recipes and how-to’s to help bodybuilders expand their diets while staying on point.

So during our conversation with Evan we wanted to get his thoughts on the recent trends of diets hitting the bodybuilding community. Namely the big three that seem to get talked about a lot right now – the keto diet, the carnivor diet, and the vegan diet. Each of these eating philosophies exist well beyond bodybuilding. But they are also taking hold in the sport as well. Is there something about these diets that actually help bolster a bodybuilding lifestyle? Or are they just trends for people seeking the “next quick fix” to make bodybuilding nutrition easier?

Evan Centopani can relate the closest to the keto diet. He’s tried it before himself and had some great results. But he also warns of what happens if you start to break out of that diet. He had some issues transitioning back into a normal diet – causing some frustrating setbacks in his physique.

When it comes to the bigger picture – Centopani believes that most of these diets can’t make up for the tried and true formula of having a balanced diet. We are biologically omnivores – it’s what best suits us to get the vitamins, nutritionist, and energy we need to function. Each body is different and requires a fine tuning of what works best to build the best physique. Sticking strictly to any of these diet rules could ultimately do more harm than good when it comes to your physique.

Centopani does make one exception when it comes to veganism. If a person refuses to eat anything made from meat because of moral grounds on animal life, that’s that person’s agenda. That goes beyond health and bodybuilding. A person’s moral belief should be respected.

If you want to see Evan Centopani’s full response, check out our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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