Evan Centopani gives an update on his injury and also shares a guide on how to meal prep on a budget.

Nearly three years ago Evan Centopani suffered a quad tendon tear that reshaped the short term future of his bodybuilding career. Of course, that didn’t stop Centopani from focusing on the positives and continuing to push forward towards full recovery and a comeback. Centopani has also made a name for himself when it comes to bodybuilding diet and nutrition – providing a lot of information on how to perfect the nutrition side of your bodybuilding lifestyle. In our latest GI Exclusive, Evan Centopani shares his ultimate tips on how to handle your bodybuilding meal prep on a budget without sacrificing gains.

While the bodybuilding lifestyle can be a truly passionate and rewarding one – it’s not necessarily a guaranteed source of income. Certainly there are ways through sponsorships, self branding, and contest prizes to make a living. But in a niche industry like bodybuilding, some competitors might need to stretch their dollars as much as possible.

This can become especially hard when it comes down to meal prep. Bodybuilders need to eat a lot of food, they also need to supplement in very specific ways to perfect their gains and physique. This can start to cost a lot. This is especially true if you don’t know the tricks of the trade on how to save big without sacrificing the key elements of your diet.

That’s where Evan Centopani comes in. He’s been releasing videos and talking about the best ways to handle bodybuilding nutrition for quite some time now. During our video interview with Centopani, we wanted to get the details on how a bodybuilder could save cash during their meal prep. Especially during a time of crisis like we are experiencing today. Bodybuilders need to be cautious with income more than ever.

Evan Centopani sharing some bodybuilding diet tips (above).

Evan Centopani shares some of the tips he’s learned along the way. The do’s and don’ts of cutting down your budget without losing something in the process. The worst thing that can happen is that your physique starts to suffer. Centopani has some words of reassurance on how to go for the cheaper options without losing the quality.

If you’d also like an update on Evan Centopani’s progress with his quad injury and recovery. We touch base on the current situation and recap exactly how he became injured in the first place and how it affected the immediate future of his competitive career.

You can check out Evan Centopani’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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