Evan Centopani Looks Impressive as he Aims for 2020 Comeback

Evan Centopani looks solid as he preps for his comeback.

Competing at the top level of bodybuilding is no easy feat. It requires a massive level of dedication, preparation, and the will to win. Unlike many other sports, bodybuilding is all about the preparation. Most of the hard work is done before a competitor even steps on stage. If they don’t dedicate everything to their preparation than any hope of winning a show will be lost.

Looking to make his return to the bodybuilding stage, Evan Centopani understands that a good prep goes a long way.

Last competing in 2014, Evan Centopani was set to make his return at the 2020 New York Pro. But because of the global health crisis, the show has been pushed back to August. While this can be viewed as an annoying set back to some, could work in the favor of Centopani. It gives him more time to prep and fine tune his physique, especially coming off of a six year layoff.

In his current posts on Instagram Evan Centopani is looking in pretty great shape and could make waves at the NY Pro in August. Take a look at his current physique in the posts below.


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NEW VIDEO: LINK IN BIO Man, a LOT can change in just a few weeks. Since my last check-in, the world has come under attack by Covid-19, areas are on lockdown, people are being quarantined and an extremely unfortunate number of people have actually died from the virus. Along with this has come panic buying and many everyday food items are either sold out or they are being limited by retailers. Despite the interruption in availability, I’ve been able to pull together a good bit of food to ensure that I will have what I need while I continue to prep. Additionally, all gyms have been forced to close. I couldn’t be more thankful that I have my own gym to utilize and have all the fundamentals available to me. At this point, I don’t even know if the NY Pro will go on but I will continue as if it will go on as planned. That puts me 8 weeks away at the moment. Things are coming along nicely in terms of progress as my condition continues to improve as does my performance. Ultimately though, let me just say that while I put this content out for you guys who like to watch along (and I’m very thankful that you do), I feel like a giant douche talking about my bodybuilding at a time when people are being laid off or losing their jobs or are unable to pay rent or their employees. I feel it’s especially important to keep all of them in mind if/when we begin to feel even remotely frustrated by this situation. So long as we still have a roof over our heads, a job to call our own and our health we are doing great.

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What do you think of Evan Centopani making his return to the bodybuilding stage later this year?

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