Generation IronJust how bad ass is Branch Warren?

When you hear the name Branch Warren a few things may come to mind… Champion bodybuilder, homegrown Texan, businessman. But above all else, you can’t mention the Quadrasaurus without thinking “bad ass.”  The guy is truly one of the hardest working bodybuilders in the game today. He’s a workhorse, never taking shortcuts, never taking breaks; the man realizes that this sport is a more than just individual competitions, but a lifestyle. So just how deep does Branch’s work ethic go? Well we had time to sit down with Branch and ask him about one of the most harrowing incidents in his life.

GI Team: We heard a story about you working out through a set during a tornado. Can you just tell us again what happened that day?

Branch Warren: It was in the spring, in Arlington Texas at the Metroflex gym. Lots of storms were happening. One day, the doors were open and the rain was coming down hard, it even turned to hail. The winds were nuts. Trash was flying through the parking lot. People started running to their cars and leaving. One of those big dumpsters in the parking lot just lifted into the air and flew across the yard. I was preparing for a competition and in the middle of a squat. I was just so focused. I had the weights on and everything so I was just like, ‘Fuck it!’ and I said, ‘I’m going to keep on lifting.’ You know, it’s like I always say, ‘I could care less if the world’s on fire, if I’m committed to something, I’m going to get it done.’



So yeah, We think it’s safe to say that Mr. Warren is a true bad ass if we’ve ever seen one. He looked mother nature in the eye of the storm and told her to piss off.  Branch proves that it takes more than a little sand and it looks like the Texan has that in spades.

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