Even On The Off Season Tom Platz Beats Modern Stage Physiques

Even shredded on the off season.

In bodybuilding there always seems to be the constant argument as to what should be emphasized most, a massively muscled physique or being lean and shredded. While the modern era of competition demands that competitors have a tremendous amount of muscle if they hope to compete at the highest levels of pro bodybuilding, the old school era emphasized that a shredded form was absolutely paramount to win competitions. But besides that, the principles of the old school bodybuilders were far different than what we see today.

The modern age of bodybuilders seems to treat the off season as a time to bulk up and grow their muscle. The bodybuilders of the old school always stayed ready even in the off season. When a bodybuilder would do a guest posing they were still in some tremendous condition, so much so that you’d question why they didn’t actually compete. This notion holds true for one of the all time greats of the sport, Tom Platz. Known for his tremendous musculature, particularly his quads, Tom Platz is a man who is held in high regard in the bodybuilding community. Like many other classic pros, Tom Platz always stayed sharp even during the off season when he was meant to be bulking. This guest posing routine from the 1983 Olympia demonstrates just how shredded he was even when he wasn’t at his best.

“The Golden Eagle” Tom Platz doing a guest pose at the 1983 Mr.Olympia contest in Munich…. He was big and shredded, but still off from contest shape (which is why he was only guest posing). He was still in shape, to the point where it looked like he was dieting for a bodybuilding contest. Tom’s quads, hamstrings, and calves were incredible as usual! @platzinum #pumpingiron #tomplatz #miamiiron #goldenera #iron #muscleology #miamimecca #muscle #powerlifting #regpark #classicbodybuilding #1dayumay #weightlifting #goldenageofbodybuilding #lifeslyle #lifting #beastmode #bodybuildingmotivation #competitor #physique #goldenerafitness #staygolden #oldschoolphysiques #flex #olympia #art #mind #ironreligion #oldschoolaesthetics

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