Everything We Know So Far in Shawn Rhoden Case [UPDATED]

Everything We Know About the Shawn Rhoden Case So Far

The Shawn Rhoden case is one that is shaking the fabric of the bodybuilding community. When news first broke about the allegations of sexual assault against the reigning Mr. Olympia everything turned on its head.

While many are quick to pass judgement we must remember that at this point Shawn Rhoden has not been found guilty of a crime.

With more information about the case coming out daily, compiling a list of what we know so far will help keep everyone informed on facts.

What We Know (Chronologically)

Mr. Olympia Champion Shawn Rhoden Accused of Alleged Sexual Assault

American Media LLC Revokes Shawn Rhoden’s Eligibility for the 2019 Mr. Olympia

Jim Manion Gives Official Statement on Shawn Rhoden Case

Shawn Rhoden Allegedly Passes Two Lie Detector Tests

The Latest

New details about the Shawn Rhoden have come to light.

Muscular Development’s Ron Harris claims Rhoden has passed two different kinds of lie detector tests. In both instances, Rhoden maintained that the events were consensual in nature. However, the source of where Harris received this information is currently unknown.

“I spoke with someone who is very close to the case. I can not say who. But trust me, this is someone on the inside. This information is 100% accurate and reliable.

Shawn Rhoden did take not one, but two lie detector tests shortly after this alleged incident that occurred last October, and he passed both of them.

He took a standard polygraph, and he took a new type of lie detector test, used in various law enforcement circles, known as EyeDetect.”

– Ron Harris

Below is the detailed copy of the court document in relevance to the charges being lobbied against Shawn Rhoden. The information was found through the forums of Get Big.

Copy of legal documents in the Shawn Rhoden case.

A source close to Generation Iron has confirmed that Shawn Rhoden is set to make a statement next week, July 23, after he pledges bail in Utah.

Generation Iron will continue to follow this case closely as more details are revealed.

Shawn Rhoden is innocent until proven guilty.

Shawn Rhoden will also be starring in a feature film documentary about his life and journey towards winning the Olympia 2018. Titled Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden – the film will be available on July 26.

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