REPORT: Shawn Rhoden Has Passed Two Lie Detector Tests Regarding Rape Allegations

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Shawn Rhoden has allegedly passed two lie detector tests following recent rape allegations.

The bodybuilding world was thrown into shock last week when a warrant was posted for current Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden’s arrest. This was due to an alleged sexual assault reported to have happened in Utah on October 12, 2018. Now many news outlets are reporting that current Mr. Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden allegedly passed two lie detector tests regarding the allegations.

The source of this news comes from Muscular Development’s Ron Harris – who claims Rhoden has passed two different kinds of lie detector tests. In both instances, Rhoden maintained that the events were consensual in nature.

“I spoke with someone who is very close to the case. I can not say who. But trust me, this is someone on the inside. This information is 100% accurate and reliable.

Shawn Rhoden did take not one, but two lie detector tests shortly after this alleged incident that occurred last October, and he passed both of them.

He took a standard polygraph, and he took a new type of lie detector test, used in various law enforcement circles, known as EyeDetect.”

– Ron Harris

It should be noted that while Ron Harris has officially reported on this – the original source of where he got this information is currently unknown. Regardless, this is an interesting development that we will likely learn more about as this story continues to develop. Stick around Generation Iron Fitness Network for more bodybuilding news and developments on this story as they come in!

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