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 And the Prague Pro champion is…

Well, well how time has flied. It feels like just yesterday we were covering the Olympia 2014 and Phil Heath’s epic fourth win. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride since then – with many surprises and exciting championships along the way. Today marks the EVLS Prague Pro 2014 championships and the results are in.

The biggest surprise of the contest is that Kai Greene was unable to compete in the finals. It’s been reported that he suffered from stomach problems that prevented him from competing against the other pros. Once again, this changed the entire outcome of the competition. Without Kai – the first place spot was more open than ever. This is another big one, so let’s just cut to the the chase. Here are the top six results for the Prague Pro:

Men’s Bodybuilding Open

1. Dennis Wolf
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Roelly Winklaar
5. Steve Kuclo
6. Juan Diesel

Men’s 212

1. Flex Lewis
2. Baitollah Abbaspour
3. Jose Raymond
4. Gaetano Cisternino
5. Ahmad Ahmad
6. Lee Powell

Bikini Pro

1. India Paulino
2. Noemi Olah
3. Christia Strom Fjaere
4. Vladimira Krasova
5. Sofia Tandilian
6. Lacey DeLuca

Once again surprises popped up all around. While Dennis Wolf found first place again, it was Dexter Jackson who rose up for the second spot – beating out Rhoden. Looks like the Dennis/Rhoden feud is gaining a new competitor to mix things up. Dexter seems to be here to stay for top placing!

You can find the full results right here.

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Cover photo courtesy of Muscular Development



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