Calum Von Moger gives a video update on the nature of his injury and how it will affect his training.

News spread fast of Calum Von Moger’s bicep injury just heading into the new year. Now we have official word directly from Calum on the latest updates of his bicep injury and how long it will take for him to recover after surgery. He also squashes the notion that he will be unable to compete again – stating that in a month he should be back to training (around the injury) and fully recovered in 5 months. Check out his official update above!



  1. Yawnnnnn… Gotta take your hat off to him. CVM has done amazingly well at what he does, which is to be a social media icon, not a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders don’t do stupid shit for IG, they leave that to clowns like Callum.

  2. Oh get over yourselves wise commentators of the internet that are smarter than everyone else lol. Calum isn’t the first bodybuilder to try and show off, or goof off, and accidentally injure himself. For fucks sake get some perspective and get off your high horses.

  3. Fuckboy got hurt entertaining his fanboys. Famous for supposedly looking like Arnold. Wasn’t his role in GI2 about him doing stupid stuff and potentially ruining his career? Rich’s role was about living in the fast lane. This movie literally foreshadowed what happens when you try to be famous for lifting weights and partying. I mean what real value did they bring to planet earth… nothing at all


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