Generation Iron Exercise Fails Shake Weight

There will be failure.

Here at Generation Iron we talk a lot about the correct way to do workouts and fitness. But sometimes it’s just as valuable to talk about the absolute wrong ways to exercise. And in today’s world with the internet spreading all kinds of information across the globe – there are A LOT of different ways to perform incorrect fitness. And everyone is trying to sell fitness products these days. So as in the name of learning (and plenty of laughing), here’s a list we put together of the worst Workout Equipment Fails.


1. Face trainer

There are thousands of different areas to build muscle – chest, abs, arms, legs, back, and on and on it goes. But there’s one area that no one talks about and has the answer: tone and strengthen the face. Welcome to the Face Trainer.

This is basically a mask that uses resistance training to tone muscles and tighten skin. Honestly, this is advertised as more of a beauty product than workout equipment. But when you hear terms like “10 minute workout regimen” or “resistance training” we can’t help but say no fitness enthusiast should be caught looking like this:


Generation Iron Face Trainer
Courtesy of Buzznet

2. The Hawaii Chair

An often used excuse to avoid the gym is that there isn’t enough time in the day. Between work, family, and commuting – how could you get time in the gym? Well The Hawaii Chair aims to fix that. The rotating motion of this chair is meant to work out your whole body by invigorating your core.

But all it does is wiggle you in tiny circles and make you look ridiculous behind your desk.

3. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

What’s this? Gravity boots? This is fantastic! I can walk on walls! Walk on ceilings! Gravity cannot stop me – oh wait. These are just plastic and foam boots with hooks on them. Why do you ask? So you can do sit ups while hanging upside down!

Look, we’re sure that gravity is a great way to create resistance for strength conditioning. But just think about it for a second. Do you really want to be that person who’s dangling and flailing upside down in your doorway? And imagine how embarrassed you will feel when you are too tired to get back down.

Generation Iron Gravity Boots
Courtesy of  Digplanet

But hey, apparently the army uses these things in boot camp. So maybe we’re missing something.

4. The Horseback Riding Machine

Okay, so we’ll be completely honest on this one. We have no idea what this actually is. It’s straight out of Korea and seems to be some sort of horse… machine… thing. From what we can tell, the idea is that riding a horse provides a motion that is actually beneficial towards body exercise – if only you could recreate that motion in the privacy of your home. Where, you know, horses don’t fit.

But when you take away the horse it really starts to look like something else. But we don’t really have to say it out loud right? You know what we are talking about, right?!

5. Shake Weight

Speaking of suggestive exercise equipment. Here’s The Shake Weight.


Generation Iron Shake Weight
Courtesy of  Kelee Fitness

It speaks for itself.


Is there anything we missed? Or maybe you actually use these items and want to prove us wrong? Shout out in the comments section and let us know your opinion on Facebook and Twitter!

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