Extra Massive! Regan Grimes is Fully Embracing Move Back to Open Bodybuilding!

Regan Grimes is looking massive this off season.

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting. Experimenting can sometimes lead to amazing innovation. Other times it’s an exercise in understanding what works and what doesn’t work. Regan Grimes did exactly that when he experimented with competing in the Classic Physique division.

While he may have qualified for the 2018 Olympia in the Classic Physique division, Regan Grimes ended up placing 8th at the show. He brought a great physique to the show, but it was clear to everyone that Regan Grimes wasn’t competing at his most optimal condition. Simply put, Regan Grimes was an Open Weight bodybuilder competing in the Classic Physique division. Now it appears that Grimes is looking to rectify his mistakes and once again take on the Open Weight division.

During this off season, Regan Grimes has been putting in a considerable amount of work and it clearly shows in his recent progress pic.


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Offseason Check ✔️ Pumped to start a prep soon! Can you guess my weight?

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What do you think of Regan Grimes’ beastly off season form?

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