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What are your top picks for the best YouTube channel stars?

We at Generation Iron make it a point to please the fans and we’ve put our ear to the ground for some of the top YouTube sensations you’re most interested in. These YouTube channels are a must to visit for any bodybuilding and fitness aficionado – picked by you. Take a look at your picks for some of the best bodybuilding channels on YouTube…

#5. OmarIsuf

A regular guy who transformed his body with natural bodybuilding, Omar Isuf hosts a YouTube channel that offers advice on a number of issues. Isuf’s own journey to obtaining the ultimate body is one that’s inspirational to anyone looking to better themselves. Isuf is working right along with his subscribers and offers tips on bodybuilding the natural way.

#4. POG Army

The POG (Physiques Of Greatness) Army consist of Chris Jones and Vincent Garza, two guys on a mission to build their bodies through natural means. Like many others they make fitness advice videos, but inject that feeling of fun into the program as well as touch on how fitness is affecting their personal lives. Their firm stance on approaching bodybuilding naturally is a motivating factor for anyone who wishes to avoid medicating.

#3. Tiger Fitness

A man with a no nonsense approach to training who provides motivation to his subscribers, Marc Lobliner hosts the Tiger Fitness YouTube channel in hopes of not only making a successful business but helping others in turn. Lobliner himself has stated that he’s emotionally invested in helping his subscribers deal with their issues. “It’s not a game!”

#2. Scooby

Known for his chilled and laid back attitude Scooby hosts a bevy of fitness videos on his YouTube channel. Scooby’s videos, all of them featuring his shirtless physique and signature hat, are designed to offer his subscribers help on how to get in shape and all for free. He openly states that he sells nothing and isn’t looking for anything monetarily, only that he helps his viewers. Hopefully his channel will be updated soon.

#1. Rich Piana

Inked up bodybuilder Rich Piana has garnered a huge fan base from his tell it like it is approach to advice. He’s an upfront and honest kind of individual that has no time to feed his audience bull. Piana has instructional videos as well as vlogs on hot button issues within the bodybuilding community. His goal is to give you his opinion, raw and uncut without any fluff.


Did one of your picks make the list? Let us know what YouTube channel’s your favorite in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Jonathan Salmon
Managing editor of Generation Iron, Jonathan Salmon is a writer, martial arts instructor, and geek culture enthusiast. He has been writing about bodybuilding, combat sports, and strength sports for over 8 years. Check out his YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud for in-depth MMA analysis.