‘Felipe Franco: The Chosen One’ Is Available Now Available On iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play

You can now watch Felipe Franco: The Chosen One all major digital platforms.


Known as the biggest fitness star in Brazil, Felipe Franco had nothing holding him back in his rise to international fame. He was married to television superstar Juju Salimeni, dawning the covers of hundreds of magazines, and training to become an Olympia champion in the sport of bodybuilding. Then it all came crashing down.

Sparking from a divorce that left Felipe struggling to find motivation amidst depression, he stopped competing in bodybuilding. Felipe Franco: The Chosen One chronicles the life and times of Felipe Franco and his return to competitive bodybuilding as he finds inspiration in his supportive fans. His goal? To train and win a qualification for the Mr. Olympia. If he wins, he will one step closer to being the first Brazilian Olympia champion.

Gain exclusive behind the scenes access into not only the biographical past of this iconic Brazilian bodybuilder, but also into his training routines and preparation. Showcasing the true lengths that Felipe needs to take in order to stand out amongst the rest of the world and go from a Brazilian star and into an international bodybuilding phenom.

For those who missed it you can watch the official trailer below:


Felipe Franco The Chosen One

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