A language barrier led to a funny yet inspiring moment when Felipe Franco became a pro bodybuilder.


Traditionally, when the final awards are announced during a bodybuilding competition – they start with the lowest placing of the top six and build up to the big winner. This wasn’t the case with the Arnold Amateur competition which led to a funny yet epic moment upon Felipe Franco earning his pro card.

The journey to go pro is always an intense one, and Felipe Franco was dedicating every waking moment to become a pro so he can begin his journey towards the Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia competition. With each passing competition, he came closer to first – but the trophy and the pro card eluded him.

Suddenly he found himself at the Arnold Classic Ohio – the “mecca” of the Arnold Classic global competitions. The pressure was on. If fate wanted Felipe to become a pro, this would be the place to do it.

In the exclusive clip from Felipe Franco: The Chosen One above – we take you on a behind the scenes journey through his experience at the Arnold Classic 2014. Showcasing both his on stage performance and the focus and pressure he was feeling behind the stage – it all builds up to the awards ceremony.

They call out the top six. Felipe is among them. Suddenly, they announce him as the champion. But because he could not understand English and because they called his name first – he presumed that he had received sixth place. In a truly stunning moment, we can watch his face as he walks out disappointed but with a smile on his face… and suddenly it transforms upon realizing that he had won the entire competition.

The crowd explodes. Felipe throws his hands up in the air as his then girlfriend rushes out to congratulate him. It’s an iconic moment in the story of Felipe Franco. One for the history books. You can check it out in this exclusive sneak peek at the film above!


Felipe Franco The Chosen One

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