Felipe Franco looks back towards his childhood and recalls the moment that changed his life forever.


For Felipe Franco, family is everything. He had a humble childhood but it’s one he wouldn’t change or sacrifice for the world. His family and his childhood are a big part of what shaped Felipe into the man he is today. It’s a vital part of what made him the iconic Brazilian bodybuilder that is on the precipice of becoming world renowned.

That’s why in this new exclusive clip from the film, Felipe Franco takes our camera crew to his childhood home as gets transported back in time to his origins. More specifically, he recalls his grandmother, a very important figure in his life, and the moment that she passed away.

Losing a loved one is never easy but it seemed that this moment hit very hard for Felipe. Not only because of the very fact that she had passed – but the events that took place leading up to and through her death.

Felipe recounts in great detail every single moment. He relays a deep level of panic and confusion upon realizing that his grandmother almost seemed to know she was about to die – and made a point to come and be with family in her final moments. It’s an emotional part of Felipe’s past. One that still hangs in his thoughts today as the emotions bubble up again simply talking about it in front of the cameras.

But her passing made him find a new spirituality and a new outlook on life. An outlook that he has taken with him into every endeavor and every bodybuilding competition. It’s a keystone moment. Part of the DNA that now makes Felipe Franco the man we see before us. The fact that he opens. up and lets us all into this very private moment in his life is a truly inspiring and insightful moment indeed.

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Felipe Franco The Chosen One

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