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Dexter Jackson isn’t done yet even after his lower placing at Olympia 2018.

Dexter Jackson always told himself if he ever dropped out of the top six at Mr. Olympia that he would retire from professional bodybuilding. Then suddenly in 2018, he placed seventh at the Mr. Olympia. At a crossroads, Dexter had to decide if he would keep himself to his word. He ultimately decided against retiring and is currently focusing on Olympia 2019 as we speak.

So what happened? Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin sat down with Dexter for an extended sit down interview recapping his entire career, his current goals, and what he sees for his own future and the future of bodybuilding. This will be split up into five parts for a new installment of our “A Conversation With…” series premiering this Thursday, July 18.

In this sneak peek first look from the premiere episode – Dexter Jackson explains his thought process after landing 7th place at the Mr. Olympia 2018 and the variety of factors that led him to no retire and push forward for a better placing this year. Will this be the final year we see Dexter competing on the pro stage? Watch the clip above to find out and make sure to catch the full episode this Thursday!


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