Fitness YouTuber Takes On Insane Challenge Of 50 Pullups And 100 Pushups In Five Minutes


Fitness star Stan Browney shared his journey to complete “the hardest bodyweight challenge in the world.”

Fitness challenges have taken over the social media world as different athletes have attempted some crazy feats. Recently, YouTuber Stan Browney took on yet another triumph that took him over one month to complete. The challenge — completing 50 pull-ups and 100 pushups in under five minutes.

Browney has built a reputation on social media using his ability to conquer some of the most difficult fitness challenges. This includes running one mile a day for one month straight and working out for 24 hours straight through. For this one, it took a different toll on his body.

“This challenge is based on two simple exercises, the pushup and the pullup, but almost no one can complete it. This might be the hardest bodyweight challenge in the world, and I want to be able to do it,” Browney said.

Browney felt good heading into the challenge due to his level of fitness and experience in calisthenics training.


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Stan Browney Takes On The Fitness Challenge

The original goal was to complete the workout in five minutes. In his first attempt, Browney did it in 5:20. On day two, he completed the goal but decided to set a new goal for himself. Browney then decided he wanted to complete the 150-set workout in 4:37, which was the all-time record.

This is when the challenge truly began. Unlike the five-minute number, Browney had to work long and hard to read this goal. It took less rest given the decrease in time and Browney admitted to becoming sore easier as days went on.

“I’m getting more and more sore everyday. I’m getting slower again. The only positive thing so far about this challenge is the chest pump every single day.”

Despite completing the five-minute goal in two days, this was a mark that he crept back over as fatigue set in. On day nine, he was able to go back under, completing it in 4:48. Just two days later, Browney completed the goal but did not feel good about his form and overall progress so he continued on.

It took the fitness star 34 days, there was a break due to illness involved, to reach a time of 4:32 and complete what is considered one of the most difficult bodyweight challenges in the world.

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