Five Crucial Tips For Aspiring Bodybuilders

Solid tips for any aspiring bodybuilder.

IFBB Pro and World record-holding powerlifter Amit Sapir has recently discovered a penchant for sharing information over the internet. This weekend he offered up five crucial tips for young and aspiring bodybuilders.

First off, he explains that more is not always better. Amit recommends that bodybuilders stay as lean as possible, even in the off season:

“Staying lean will help with insulin sensitivity, general health, and will keep you disciplined and focused on making the right food choices to help you grow.”

He also says that in this age of equipment and advanced supplementation, learning to use one’s body before specialized products is critical:

“Take the minimum amount of supplements you need to grow. Do that and you will be one step ahead of everyone else at all times, as you will always have a new card to pull from up your sleeve. Your body is the best machine you will ever have, trust it and do the work!”

Second, he says:

“Get Strong While You’re Still Young.

“I cannot put into words how much I miss the days when my body allowed me to squat almost daily, to deadlift three times a week, and to bench or overhead press every day and still get bigger and stronger.”

According to Amit, heavy compound movements form the basis for most excellent mature physiques. Of course form and prudence are important, but youth is the essential time when a lifter can push himself.

Third: Sapir says to set smaller objectives on the path to your grand goal. For him, that final end was the Olympia stage. However, like all experienced athletes, Amit knows that the real challenge is in the daily grind.

“All those workouts I did when everyone else was partying, the cardio I did in the rain for months, working with my clients and trying to smile to them while I am starving and cranky from the diet. Every single one of those was a little goal and a small win that I got daily.”

He says that setting concrete objectives for various time periods is critical to stay accountable and feel the urgency of a deadline.

“Your yearly goals should be winning small shows. After you have your yearly goals in place, break them into the daily, weekly, and monthly steps that are needed for making this goal into reality.”

Fourth, Amit says to accept the inevitability of some failure.

In his second pro show, Amit finished dead last. That failure crushed him, but it made him work smarter and harder for his next show, from which he qualified for the Olympia.

“As long as you are ok with it, then your dream will stay alive. Failure does not mean the end. Quitting does.”

Finally, Amit says to Keep Your Day Job:

“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

“I’ve seen people risking and losing every dollar they have and ending up in the hospital with no money to pay for the doctor bill. Dream big, but be smart, and take into consideration the worst case scenario.”

And lastly, Amit says that ultimately, life is bigger than bodybuilding:

“Spend time with loved ones…Trust me, in the end, they are more important than any pro card or a victory.”

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