Flex Lewis is making the 2018 Mr. Olympia his last Men’s 212 competition.

Flex Lewis has been the reigning champion in the Men’s 212 Mr. Olympia for quite some time now. He is the epitome of what the 212 division should look like and has hardly even been threatened for the title – maintaining what seems like an unstoppable physique. So in some ways it comes as a shock that Flex Lewis has just announced his retirement from the 212 division. He is making the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2018 his last.

It was six years ago that Flex Lewis won his first Men’s 212 Olympia title – and he has maintained that title ever since. His retirement from competing will leave a large hole in the competition… but also open it up to excitement as to who will fill that hole. Always humble in victory and focused in competition – it will be sad to see Flex Lewis step off the stage for the last time. But it will also be cause for celebration, as he stepped down on his own terms and will (most likely) walk away from the Mr. Olympia not in defeat but in one final victory.

Check out his announcement Instagram post below:

So with so much speculation, rumor, I had a sit down with @flex_magazine to answer all questions. The full article is available in the link in the bio and will answer all, and below is something added from the heart❤️ – This has been one the hardest decisions, I have EVER had to make and THEN come to terms with, in my entire life. I been called Flex since 6yrs old been a fan of this sport since I was 12, joined my first gym at 15, stepped on stage at 19 (for the very first time) traveled the world winning titles all over, won my pro card at 23 with a undefeated amateur record. Fast forward and Now at 34 it’s finally time to say this 212lb chapter is over. I will be finishing with my last 212lb show at this years 2018 @mrolympiallc – I won’t lie and say this was easy, I have battled the fact that this will be my last show many times, I went through some very tough times, and being transparent depression, I kept this all to myself, never let a sole in, I suffered massive highs and very low lows, still trying to comprehend last years loss of Dallas and then make this decision the beginning of this year- after months of battling this whilst, still acting walking talking all around the world as a Champion, I can now say I am VERY at peace with my decision. – Without my family, my team, coach and certain people, I wouldn’t be were I am today! – At one point I was very lost on direction, but I know in my heart this is the best for me, my family and the evolution of what and where I go next. – I love this sport and I love being the humble, driven, blue color, peoples Champion, I know I will give that fan at the end the same energy as the one at the front, why as I love it! I fucking love all you guys, that’s not cliche it’s the truth, I’ve been given the opportunity by the IFBB pro league to take this sport all over the world and I have, from mainstream tv to things in countries unseen. We grown this 212lb class to where it is. You have no idea what you have given me, it’s ever lasting is why this year is for YOU the fans. I can’t wait to see you ALL in September where I will be there to defend my title won last time! #Legacy #EndOfEra #dontBeSad #LoveMyFans #AllForYou

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