Flex Wheeler Gives Details on What Exactly Led to Leg Amputation

Flex Wheeler reveals even more information concerning his recent leg amputation surgery.

The recent events in the life of Flex Wheeler have been truly harrowing. The bodybuilding veteran who has wowed fans with his impressive physique for decades now has been faced with a truly devastating decision. That decision was to partially amputate his right leg in order to save his life.

There is no doubting that this decision was a truly difficult and near impossible one for Flex Wheeler to make. But nevertheless, on his doctor’s advice, Flex Wheeler made the only logical decision he could and decided to move forward with the amputation.

Now, post surgery and healing up, Flex Wheeler has decided to provide even more information to the fans in order for everyone to get a full grasp on why this amputation was necessary and how it saved his life.


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Post amputation surgery, Flex Wheeler now faces a very different battle. The surgery has left the bodybuilding veteran with a massive medical bill of $150,000. To deal with these insane medical bills, Dennis James has come to the assistance of his long-time friend and has started a GoFundMe campaign to help Flex Wheeler that you can find here.

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