What It Felt Like Returning To Stage At Olympia 2017.

Flex Wheeler may not have won the Olympia Classic Physique 2017 but he certainly was a winner with the fans. Not only was it amazing to see the legend return in such good form… but for him to also get an honorary posing routine during the finals and an emotional goodbye was all we could have ever hoped for. A true goodbye that Flex Wheeler never got to give back in his prime.

But is it really a goodbye? GI’s Craig Barton talks with Flex about what it felt like when he stepped on stage and if he plans to continue competing in 2018. Find out the answer in our full interview above!

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    • No embarrassment at all. If anything it’s a major accomplishment. For what he has been through to step foot on stage again says a lot about his character. Regardless he did what he wanted, how he wanted and was able to still follow his dream. Let’s compare him to some of the other bodybuilders of his era and see what they look like today other than Kevin

  1. With the upmost respect to Generation Iron man you need someone better than this interviewer.. I mean I could’ve even done a tremendously better job than he did. He doesn’t even realize the part hes playing in this historical interview he seemed so distant really and as if he didn’t really know what this moment was. One of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the stage saying goodbye and in this interview he even gets emotional. This guy didn’t even know the words to say he just kept saying it was Great you were great. Should’ve started off saying “Thank you so much Flex for everything you have done for this sport and us as the people. That was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed in my life and I am truly honored to have been here to witness it. God Bless you and what you’ve done this weekend for not only the sport of Bodybuilding but the world and motivating people in general to pursue their dreams and even just overcome adversities / become a better person.” I mean this guy seems LOST. But what an amazing man Flex & an incredible moment.

  2. I really think is nothing epic in waking up in May saying you know what I get free pass to Mr.Olympia in four months so why not? pls don’t tell me there was something great about his performance. Put me on Mr.Olympia stage and I will finish same like Flex or Kevin , last one.


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