‘Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden’ Film Poster And Release Date Revealed

Get a first look inside the life and mind of our latest Mr. Olympia Champion Shawn Rhoden.

Generation Iron Network and Shadow League Films have officially revealed the poster for their upcoming feature documentary Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden. A documentary chronicling the life and times of Shawn Rhoden, through his alcoholism, suicide attempts, and near loss of professional bodybuilding… all the way up to his comeback and eventual major win at the Mr. Olympia 2018.

Not only will this film showcase the build up, training, and planning that went into Rhoden dethroning 7x Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath; the film also dives deep into Shawn Rhoden’s past to get a full picture of what events and circumstances made the Olympia champ we know today.

It was also announced that the documentary will be released on all major digital platforms July 26, 2019. You can check out the official poster for Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden below:

Flexatron Becoming Shawn Rhoden Poster Generation Iron

Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden is directed by Tony Pettiford and executive produced by Yussuf Khan. Stay tuned to the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more updates about the film in the coming weeks!



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